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I logged in but cannot see the edition. What should I do?
In order to view the digital edition of Sha'ar La'Matchil, please install Adobe Flash Player.
For free installation of the add-on, please click on the following link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

 For another support please contact our support department at shaarsupport@yedtik.co.il and we will get back to you ASAP.

I was asked to install a software update in order to view the digital edition. What should I do?
To view the digital edition downloading a browser software update is occasionally required. This update is an official Microsoft update. You must proceed according to the installation instructions, at the end of which you can view the edition.

Can I view the digital edition from anywhere in the world?
The service is available to surfers worldwide, excluding Israel. Individuals who wish to purchase the Sha'ar La'Matchil printed magazine can contact us by phone at 972-36933940

How do I enter the system for the first time?
To read the digital edition of Sha'ar La'Matchil, you must first register to the service. Following registration you will be provided with a password and user name and you will have to enter them each time you want to read the digital edition.

How do I browse through Sha'ar La'Matchil?
To browse through the edition, please drag the cursor to the top corner of the page. When the corner slightly folds, you can turn a page. Another option: Use the arrows on the navigation ruler at the top of the edition.

How can I listen to articles?
An icon of media player beside the article indicates that a recording in Hebrew is attached to the article. Click the “Play” button to listen and the “Stop” button to stop listening.

How can I print an article from Sha'ar La'Matchil?
To print, press the “Print” button on the navigation ruler above the edition.

How can I enlarge or reduce part of the article?
Double click the area of the article to enlarge. Another click will reduce it back to standard size. You can also enlarge or reduce content on a page with the magnifying glass that appears on the navigation ruler above the edition.

How do I find an article in the digital edition?
Click on the “Contents” tab on the upper part of the edition and this will open the “What's Inside” tab. Click this tab to open a list of articles that appear in the edition. Clicking a row on the results page will lead to the page where the desired article is located.

How do I find a topic of interest to me in the edition?
To find a topic in the edition, type the relevant search word in the “Search” window on the navigation ruler above the edition. The displayed results page will provide all the articles in which the search word appears. Click any title or image on the results page and the article will be displayed for easy reading.

Can I save articles from the digital edition on to my personal computer?
You can save a link to articles in the edition in the “Favorites” tab in your browser. Please note, the online archive saves the last 4 editions, therefore it is recommended that you print out the articles you would like to save for a longer period of time.

Can I send an article from the digital edition by email to a friend?
Yes. You can send a link to the article or to the complete edition. Double clicking the area of the article will enlarge the article. Click the email option to send.

Please Note: The articles in Sha'ar La'Matchil can be read by active subscribers only.

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