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News and Current Affairs:
News and headlines in extremely easy Hebrew, news and information in basic Hebrew, news for the advanced reader, the week in review.

This week 60 years ago: Newspaper headlines from the early days of the State of Israel.

Introducing: Interviews with prominent individuals from all walks of life, interviews with new immigrants and individuals engaged in immigration absorption.

Small Stories from the Big World: Images and concise articles about unique or peculiar events around the world.

Home and Family: Food, health, fashion, child education, consumerism.

Culture and Art: Classics, news and recommendations for books, poetry, music, theater, dance, artwork, photography, Hebrew songs.

All in the Family: Domestic and inter-personal problems.

Gateway to Hebrew: Words, expressions, sayings, words in the news, Hebrew grammatical phenomena, Biblical language, slang, grammar books and new dictionaries.

The Weekly Portion: The narrative of the weekly portion in easy Hebrew, a discussion on the language of the portion and topics and expressions therein.

Israeli Heritage: Holidays and commemorative dates, the Jewish circle of life.

Milestones: Events in the history of Zionism and the State of Israel.

In Israel: Nature, trips.

Education and Society: Trends and quandaries in Israeli education and society.

Immigration and Absorption: Information for new and potential immigrants.

Readers Write: Readers are welcome to comment, express their views and make suggestions.

Gateway Quiz: Crossword puzzles, riddles and jokes.

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